The Mystical Conversation Between Body & Spirit

Journey Along the Wheel of Life and Becoming Every cell of your body is a divine hologram filled with wisdom waiting to be activated. The Sacred Body Cards will guide you along the inner rivers–bringing light to the little known caverns, transmuting energy for healing.

Like a fractal in the universal hologram, the cells in your body are created from energy patterns that spring from your Spiritual Blueprint, which then manifest in the subtle vibrations of the energy immediately surrounding your body.

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Body to Spirit Communication Human Physiology, Nerve Plexi & Subtle Body Connections Endocrine Glands & Chakras Elements and Directions Intuitive Functions of the Brain Breath, Movement, Visualization Practices

Sacred Body Cards will help you learn about and explore your Blueprint and enhance your body to spirit communication. Become more aware of the energetic connections that weave through your physiology and how to open yourself to your soul information.”

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