Sacred Body Wisdom: Self Inquiry & Reflection

windows-self-inquiryHere is your bi-weekly Sacred Body Wisdom, from the Sacred Body Cards, divinely inspired at the beginning of a beautiful Spring in Santa Fe. Enjoy your healing message!

The Message: Your willingness to inquire within and self-reflect with honestly and sincerity is the first step in self-mastery. Your desire to simply reflect, rather than project, is the net step.

The Symbolism:  This stained-glass church window on the Holy Isle of Lindisfarne, Northern England, displays five circles representing the 5 Qabalistic Sephirot of the middle pillar. These symbols can be linked to the 5 primary energy bodies related to the human being as well. The Wheel of the Year symbol in the bottom of the image represents the seasons, the elements and directions, all natural cycles of our planet and its inhabitants. In the Sacred Body Oracle deck, this wheel also relates to soul evolution and the practices that move us into intimate relationship with our true selves. Self-inquiry and Reflection sits at the cusp between Autumn and Winter. It is the Celtic New Year at Samhain, a time of journeying inward toward the darkest season and the deepest healing. Whether this cycle is daily, annual, or momentary: the gentle wind of your breath during an inhalation and exhalation; these qualities of self-discovery are important aspects of all evolutionary processes.

The Practice: Spend time each evening before bedtime, reflecting on your day.  Be willing to inquire sincerely about your habits and fears–how they play-out in your relationships and experiences. Can you discern the difference between a reflection and a projection, whether it is yours going outward or someone else’s coming toward you? Write about them in your journal. Make room for your brilliance, awakening into the new day with vitality! 

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