Sacred Gateways Gift Cards


A Set of 9 Sacred Gateway Gift Card images & reflections $12.99 includes envelopes.

One dollar from every set of gift cards sold is donated to Friendly Water for the World to support filtration efforts and the availability of clean drinking water.

Thank you for supporting clean drinking water on our planet!

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The Elements: Your personal essence is an expression of the Earth’s seasonal rhythms and cycles, an allegory of nature’s imprint in the DNA of all things. Its elemental texture weaves through your health and healing journey, connecting the dots between breath and inspiration, blood and the tides, digestion and wisdom, the still-strength in your bones, and the generation of eternal life force.

Sacred Cisterns: Your human journey begins in two places, split between earth and heaven, body and soul. Traveling on the seas of life, you first watch your body from the heavens, and as you grow into that body, you begin to see heaven from earth. Standing here, you can open fully to spirit, once more feeling heaven’s descent, like a waterfall of light upon you. As it pools at your feet, you begin the ascent through the veils once again.

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