The Mystical Conversation Between Body & Spirit

Journey Along the Wheel of Life and Becoming Every cell of your body is a divine hologram filled with self-healing wisdom waiting to be activated. The Sacred Body Cards will guide you along the inner rivers–bringing light to the little known caverns inside you, gently encouraging those cells to transmute energy for healing. Be a witness as your knowledge turns to wisdom through everyday choice and action.

Like a fractal in the universal hologram, the cells in your body are created from energy patterns that spring from the Great Spirit and are imprinted in your personal Spiritual Blueprint. Then they manifest in the subtle vibrations of the energy field immediately surrounding your body–your personal space.

Pathworking through the Sacred Rings of Wisdom and levels of consciousness. Explore sacred symbolism and the etheric body you share with the planet, the spiritual body you share with the cosmos. The Sacred Body Oracle & Cards is your guide along the inner rivers.

Sacred Body Cards are designed to inspire your own inner wisdom. They will help you learn about and explore your personal blueprints and enhance your body to spirit communication. Become more aware of the energetic connections that weave through your physiology and how to open yourself to your soul information.

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Enjoy a pathworking session with the Sacred Body Oracle & Cards.